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Group & Individual Therapy

Students can explore life and address challenges together with others who share their same concerns in confidential, supportive small groups. Most groups cost only $5.00 per session!

Brief individual therapy is also available for $20.00 per session. Call (562) 903-4800 to get started or email the person listed under your group of interest.

Available Groups

BIPOC at Biola

Community hurts deserve collective healing! The Black Indigenous & People of Color at Biola support group is dedicated to the mental health of BIPOC individuals. The intersection of race, culture and mental health is complex. This group supports racially diverse identities and helps BIPOC individuals manage mental health challenges.
Facilitated by John Han M.A.; Email john.han@biola.edu  

Hit Points

Hit Points (HP) is an online therapy group for individuals interested in internet culture, gaming, and life through a digital lens. We cater to a range of internet denizens: from those who lurk to those who post daily; whether you pwn n00bs or it is your first day on the internet, you will find a welcoming community here. We gather weekly to discuss the inherent challenges of being a human at Biola and forge meaningful connections.
Facilitated by John Keay, M.A.; Email john.keay@biola.edu

Healing From Church Hurt

The process of understanding and healing from wounds caused by people or systems that are supposed to protect and love us best is difficult and often painful. This is a private space to openly and honestly explore feelings about your experiences and how to cope with these emotions in healthy ways.
Facilitated by Julian Dayton M.A.; Email julian.dayton@biola.edu 

Stress Reduction & Relaxation Essentials

College is a time where self-care and overall wellness can get neglected. This group will be a space where you will engage in holistic self-care techniques that help to mitigate stress and increase overall wellness. This group will highlight positive coping strategies to decrease anxiety and increase mindfulness. More specifically, the goal of this group is positive stress management through Christian meditation.
Facilitated by Nadra Gabriel, M.A. and John Keay, M.A. Email john.keay@biola.edu

Grieving Together

This group is for students struggling to find their footing after loss, such as: losing someone you love, lost connections, lost experiences, etc. Come find a place to experience community, share the burden, and lighten the load.
Facilitated by John Han M.A.; Email john.han@biola.edu

Pre-Marital Counseling Group for Couples

9 weeks, $90 per couple

Couples who are engaged or seriously dating and considering marriage complete the Prepare/Enrich Relationship Inventory then discuss their individual and couple responses as they relate to the following topics: relationship strengths and growth areas; personal stress profiles and healthy communication; understanding each partner’s family of origin, connectedness, flexibility, and conflict resolution; financial management; spiritual beliefs; sexual relationships; leisure activities; children and parenting. 
Facilitated by Willa Williams, LMFT, Email Willa at willa.williams@biola.edu

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