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Information for Parents

The Biola Counseling Center plays a vital role within the Biola community, offering cost-effective mental health services for our students as they adjust to life away from home and face the stressors associated with pursuit of higher education and transition into adulthood. If your student chooses to utilize our services, your student will undergo an intake interview designed to gain a deeper understanding of presenting problems. Using this information, an appropriate therapist will be assigned. Your student and his or her therapist will meet to discuss treatment planning, including duration of treatment and frequency of meetings. During the course of treatment, additional recommendations, such as group therapy, spiritual direction, medical evaluation, or a referral to a psychiatrist, may be made.

Please note that therapists at the Biola Counseling Center are not able to initiate contact with your student — your student must contact the Biola Counseling Center in order to procure services. Furthermore, while the Biola Counseling Center understands your concern for your student, if your student is 18 years of age or older laws governing privacy and confidentiality prohibit a therapist from sharing information about your student's treatment without the student's written consent.

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