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What to Expect

A minimum of one session per week is typical in most instances; however, your therapist will recommend the frequency of therapy that is appropriate to you and your circumstances. Psychotherapy is often helpful to people who are in emotional distress or to those who wish to enrich functioning in everyday life. BCC therapists are equipped to help clients address these difficulties through the practice of emotion management, appropriate interpersonal boundaries, self-awareness, and interpersonal and situational problem solving skills.

Factors that may increase the helpfulness of therapy include a willingness to be honest with yourself and with your therapist, a strong desire and motivation to improve your life, and individual effort in the therapeutic process.

Psychotherapy can be a phenomenal opportunity to grow and gain a better understanding of the self, but can also include some challenges.

These challenges may include recollection of unpleasant events that can arouse intense emotions of fear and anger. Feelings of discomfort, anxiety, sadness, frustration, loneliness, or helplessness may also be experienced, but frequently abate during the course of treatment. Persons with a significant other, such as a spouse, may also experience increased conflict and tension in that relationship as personal growth entails new ways of relating to others. As a result, adjustments in one's personal relationships are often required. While these adjustments can be difficult and painful, many people find the interpersonal rewards of change to be well worth the effort.

As physical conditions can contribute to or be the cause of psychological symptoms, your therapist may recommend a physical evaluation with a medical doctor. A referral to a psychiatrist for psychotropic medication may also be appropriate. In some cases, psychological testing may be recommended, as information gathered from this process can enhance the effectiveness of psychotherapy.

While sensitive to the unique characteristics of a predominantly evangelical christian student body, we remain committed to the practice of professional psychotherapy as outlined by the ethics code of the American Psychological Association and by the laws of the state of California. We welcome diversity of all kinds and are committed to creating a safe environment that recognizes the inherent value and dignity of each person. All services are confidential.

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