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Administrative Duties and Weekly Schedule

Preparation and Documentation

Interns are provided with administrative time each week for client documentation, preparation for supervision, and scholarly activities (such as reviewing existing literature on evidence-based treatments, preparing outreach presentations or educational programming, preparing their formal case presentation or professional seminar, etc.). Preparation for supervision may include reviewing recordings of their own or their supervisee’s sessions, preparing questions, and/or clinical research and completing readings.

Licensure Hours

BCC’s internship positions are full-time (40 hours per week) for 12 months, beginning in early August and ending in late July. Interns receive no less than 1500 hours of supervised professional experience to successfully complete the BCC training program, satisfy their doctoral degree requirements, and apply toward licensure. Up to 1800 hours of supervised professional experience may be completed; however, due to the generous amount of paid time-off provided by the University, BCC cannot provide interns with 2000 hours of SPE.

Sample Weekly Schedule

BCC is open and operates year round, and our internship positions are full-time (40 hours per week) for 12 months, beginning in early August and ending in late July each year.

The University operates on a trimester academic calendar in which Fall runs from late August through mid-December, Spring runs from early January through early May, and Summer runs from mid-May through mid-August.

Although the exact time spent in each category may vary slightly for a particular intern, a sample schedule and a range of time committed to each area based on a 40 hour per week schedule is provided in the sample weekly intern schedule that follows.

Typical 40 Hours per Week Intern Schedule

Direct Clinical Service Total 20-21 hours per week
Psychotherapy (Individual, Couples, Group) Intakes & Psychological Testing 12-13 hours weekly
On-call Crisis Assessment/Intervention 2 hours weekly (on average)
Drop-in/Behavioral Health Consultation 2 hours weekly
Prevention Education (Therapy Essentials) 2 hours weekly
Outreach Liaison/Consultation 1 hour weekly
Supervision of Practicum Student1 hour weekly

Supervision and Training Total 13 hours per week
Individual Supervision (2 hours primary, 1 hour secondary) 3 hours weekly
Video Group Supervision 2 hours weekly
Supervision of Supervision 1 hour weekly
Supervision of Groups1 hour weekly
Professional Seminars:
  • Clinical/Crisis Skills
2 hours every other week
  • Multicultural Competence & Spiritual Integration
2 hours every other week
  • Psychological Testing
2 hours weekly
  • Outreach, Consultation and Research
2 hours every other week
  • Self-Care and Spiritual Growth
2 hours every other week

Administrative Duties Total 6-7 hours per week
Case Preparation & Documentation 4-5 hours weekly
Supervision Preparation & Documentation 1 hour weekly
Clinical or Scholarly Research1 hour weekly
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