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Facilities and Resources

The internship training program operates within the Biola Counseling Center (BCC), located on the second floor of the Biola Professional Building, which is two blocks North of the Biola University main campus on La Mirada Blvd. in the City of La Mirada. BCC has a spacious, comfortable reception area for clients, who are welcomed by one of our three full-time front-office/support staff. Counseling sessions take place in one of our 18 private consultation rooms, two of which are equipped for children/play-therapy. Four of the counseling rooms and one of the child therapy rooms are equipped with digital, computer-controlled, high definition, pan-tilt-zoom cameras for direct observation and/or video recording by practicum level therapists.

BCC also houses seven private staff offices; a large seminar/training room utilized for meetings, training activities, and workshops (contains white board, projector, screen, DVD, stereo sound, etc.); a dedicated testing room for computerized test administration and storage of testing materials; and a large staff lounge equipped with a community refrigerator, microwave, toaster, sink, ample tables and chairs for sharing meals, desktop computers, and a professional resources library. Practicum-level trainees use the lounge as a shared work/study space when not in session with their clients or supervision with their supervisor.

Immediately adjacent to the lounge, each intern has a dedicated, furnished work space with their own desk, chair, phone with private voicemail, and locking storage for case files, other confidential material, and personal items. A Conference/Training Room nearby is utilized for meetings, training activities, and group therapy.The Conference/Training Room contains a portable projector for PowerPoint and related videos/DVD’s for Professional Seminars and Training Modules, as well as a resource library of books and periodicals.Interns are able to personally decorate their desk area to reflect a professional, creative, supportive atmosphere.

BCC interns are also equipped with a laptop computer (PC) on which a webcam and microphone are installed for digital audio and video recording in any consultation room (all recordings are stored on BCC’s secure server).Interns have access via their laptop to the electronic records management system used by BCC (Penelope), the University’s secure network and email system, the University Library online resources, and the Internet.

The Internship Training Director’s and Internship Supervisor’s offices are adjacent and nearby the interns’ desks/work area and both maintain an “open door” policy. Interns are able to observe and interact with clinical staff/supervisors for consultation, as needed, and in a more informal manner on a daily basis. Clinical staff/supervisors provide role modeling and support that aids interns in the development and integration of their professional and personal selves as they learn to balance multiple professional roles and demands.

BCC has two administrative support staff and one Office Manager. All of our administrative staff work with and support the interns. The BCC Office Manager participates in training interns during August Orientation on agency policies and procedures; phone and voicemail; appointment scheduling; and on-call equipment and procedures. Throughout the internship year, administrative staff assist and support interns by fielding phone calls, providing client charts, and various other tasks and responsibilities.

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